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Last night I watched The Mighty Casey,  a 1960 episode of The Twilight Zone last night.  Given baseball’s current performance-enhancing drugs cheating scandals, the idea of a team using a robot to win games seems rather innocent.  But it shows that even back in the “good old days,” teams were not above doing whatever it took to get an edge.

I believe that if steroids, human growth hormone or whatever had been available to players of the ’50s, or the ’40s, or the ’30s, or the ’20s, they would have used them- even knowing the side effects.  To guarantee they would have a job and be a star… I don’t think they would have been above it.

Still, you wonder what Rod Serling would have thought of performing enhancing drugs or how he would have felt about players like Roger Clemens, who was acquitted yesterday on all charges of lying to Congress.


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