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O, say did you see?  Last week for the 4th of July holliday, comedian Chris Rock shot off his own fireworks with this message on Twitter:

“Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”
And the blogger’s red glares,
The bombs bursting all over the internet,
Gave proof, through the week,
That racial tension and misunderstandings of American history are still there. 
I don’t mean Rock’s misunderstandings.  Technically, he is right that on the very first Independence Day (and for 89 Independence Days afterward), slavery existed in the United States.  It is history that should not be forgotten but it is uncomfortable to be reminded of it on a festive and patriotic occasion. 




  1. Wow, how did I not hear about this in the news? Good for him.

  2. Hello Hank,
    I’m still getting used to WordPress. I did not see until today that you commented. Thanks for following my blog.

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